Marius Lutz

30, Chemist, Globetrotter, Photographer

About me

I am Marius, a chemist, globetrotter and photographer. Growing up in southern Germany I moved to Zurich, Switzerland to study chemistry. Currently I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree at ETH Zurich. My passions include travelling, photography and Japanese culture.

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I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the research group of Prof. Morandi since 2018 at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The possibility to improve our lives with energy-efficient industrial processes, effective and safe drugs, and novel materials led me into this exciting discipline. My scientific curiosity to discover new findings while to creating new molecules engineered for a select purpose highly motivates me. My research interests include the catalytic activation of unreactive carbon-carbon bonds. These are ubiquitous in virtually every organic compound, including polymers and biomass, and are very stable. Efficient methods to cleave those selectively will open up new possibilities to recycle common single-use plastics and use biomass as renewable fuel source. My publication list is linked here. More information about my professional career can be found on my Linkedin profile.

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In my free time I enjoy getting around and exploring Switzerland, Europe and the world. My particular interest is the country of Japan that draws me in for a long time now. The modern high-tech living style and the well-maintained traditions complement each other in a way that sparked my curiosity. The broad range of Japanese crafts, from carpentry to animation, and its rich cuisine make frequent visits worthwhile for me. Having visited the Eastern country several times both for business and leasure, I am always eagerly awaiting the next trip. During my trips I wrote extensive travel logs on my blog which is mentioned below.

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When I am travelling I enjoy capturing the experiences and landscapes I experience with my Nikon DSLR camera. With each photo I try to include the atmosphere of the location and tell a story so the viewer can imagine being there. All photos on this page were shot and edited by me. Some selected works are showcased on 500px.


Tabimonogatari – 旅物語

On my personal blog Tabimonogatari I write extensive travel logs while I am travelling. Furthermore, stories about my interests, hobbies, and everyday life are featured on this site.


On the side I develop applications for Windows and Android. My most successful project is Shutdown7, a software to automate shutting down a computer.